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Jenny is working as a nurse when she meets Seb. She is young, living with her mother and has had a strict religious upbringing. Seb is a handsome and successful surgical registrar that Jenny is incapable of resisting his charms eventually falling in love with Seb.

They buy a flat and move into together much against Jenny's mother's wishes. It is then one day Seb confesses to Jenny that he is already married with two young boys.

Jenny is left heartbroken with her mother to pick up the pieces. It is now the story really hots up

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The story follows the privileged life of the
heroine Isabella and her brother Clarence.
It meanders through their young lives, their
adolescence and schooling, describing the joy's
and the dramas along the journey.

The huge divided between the wealthy and
those living in poverty are discussed along with
the vast differences existing between them.

The Merryweather family decide on a move from
the Black country to the South of England and to
Kent. It is here that Isabella falls deeply and
secretively in love with a man who her family would
consider a totally unsuitable partner.

Their lives become both complicated and tragic,
Isabella against all the odds of a rich woman working,
becomes a teacher and she continues to take the reader
into her later life within this role.
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Good morning, I'm delighted to tell you that my long awaited novel The Liberty Bodice by Joy M. Lilley has at last been released. You can buy it as an eread on all Amazon sites. Smashwords and for a paperback version on Createspace. It tells the story of Gloria our protagonist and her life as an S.O.E.[Special Operations Executive] Agent during WW2.This cohort became known as Churchill's Secret Army. Gloria was one of only 39 women to be recruited. It is an inspirational, page turner and for those who are interested in the war years and a fictional novel containing many facts. It will be for you.

Gosh,I think it won't be long before it is published. I'm talking of my second novel 'The Liberty Bodice' I had to find an artist for the book cover, back page and bio with photo. That is now finished and has been sent to my publisher at Wolf Paw, U.S.A. It has taken so much longer that I ever thought it would. I'm very excited about this book, my second novel, as I believe it will have considerable appeal to those readers who enjoy WW2 stories. And when they involve such heroines as Gloria, whose amazing tenacity, bravery and courage is an example to us all,it makes the book even more enjoyable. The story tells about a young woman who joins the S.O.E.[Special Operations Executive]a group of agents who became known as Churchill's secret army. Only 39 women were accepted for the rigorous training. Thereafter facing tremendous hardship as they fought alongside the French résistance agents in occupied France. Many factual events are documented, the S.O.E. being one of them. Those of us who lived during those war years or soon after, can identify with the story. I well recall my parents telling me many tales of 'What happened during the war.'

Good afternoon to you. After an amazing short break in the lowlands of bonny Scotland, where the Arctic bloom was in full force, home we came. To be honest with you, the Arctic bloom followed us to the sunny South. At the risk of being called a SOFT SACENACH,I really don't understand our weather. Only 3 weeks back we were in summer clothes and taking day trips to zoos with the grand children. Enough of that, it's only 10 days before I finally leave my workplace for good. I will have worked for the same Trust for the last 49 years and 5 months. That took a bit of doing. Will have more time to write/blog then. May the FORTH be with you.
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