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The Liberty Bodice

Gloria has a penchant for languages, as a result when she returned to her parents’ home she continued her studies and became almost fluent in both German and French. This made her a suitable candidate to join the Special Operations Executive [S.O.E.] Only 39 women were recruited to this section that became known as Churchill’s Secret Army during W.W.2.Many more men were enlisted as agents, some from less than salubrious backgrounds. After the gruelling training Gloria is parachuted into occupied France, where she meets up with her fellow agents from the French RĂ©sistance. Following a number of successful missions, she has the misfortune of being captured and after days of interrogation and torture is sent to Dachau Concentration camp. Here she endures the horror of Nazi German during WW2. Gloria, malnourished and sick manages to escape when on a march to another camp as the war is coming to an end. This is when her courage and tenacity again show through as she makes her way on foot, encountering great hardship as she endeavours to make her way back into France in an attempt to meet up once again with her comrades.


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