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Joy M. Lilley

With a lifetime in the caring profession Joy’s passion comes from a keen observation of people and the locations and environment which dominate their upbringing. Her writing therefore reflects a gritty observation of life mirrored in her own challenging upbringing. She has written two books and is currently on her third.


As a young mother bringing up a child in the swinging 60’s in Kent she was torn many ways, having to earn a living and yet drawn by the bright lights and rapidly changing morals of the time in London and the SE. Although well-educated by her father, an English teacher and her mother a seamstress, the family came from humble backgrounds and the harsh realities of a post-war Britain were never far away. At the age of 8 she witnessed a tragic road accident which sowed the seed for her career in caring to start. Aged 19 with a 2 year old son she entered nursing, training at the Royal Victoria Hospital (R.V.H) where with little money the convenience of a creche was a shrewd move!

She soon met her first husband whilst completing her training, but having little money required them to live with his mother for a long while. Sadly the marriage ended after 15 years. Whilst moving through the ranks at the R.V.H she started to catch the eye of the doctors and staff not just for her nursing and people skills but ability to mimic others. As the world moved into 70’s punk and glam rock and “It ain’t half hot mum” filled our TV the hospital decided what it needed was a good old fashioned theatre review group to entertain patients and staff alike. Joy stepped perfectly into the role of Artistic Director and started to put on annual performances raising money for the hospital charities – doctors and nurses in drag still brings a laugh today and Joy was not averse to being on stage as well as behind it! It was also here she met as a patient her second husband and inherited an extended family which today, despite his health scares, has elevated her to a six time grandmother.

Joy went on to spend 50 years in the NHS rising to a senior Trust position in East Kent overseeing governance to ensure safe patient care and helped to introduce many of the technology and training methods for nurses today. She lives just outside Folkestone in Kent and as well as writing is a trained pianist, singer and elocutionist with some of her voice over work helping to sell British products in America. A keen supporter of local art and very well-travelled, particularly in Europe, Joy’s writing is a natural extension of her background and creative passion. Two books in and a third in construction has demonstrated that no matter what age, experience observation and a strong desire to lead the reader down a path which they will enjoy spending the time along is paramount in her writing style.

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Joy Lilley is the author of: 

Figs, Vines & Roses – published by Silver Wood Books 

Joy M. Lilley’s first novel 'Figs, Vines and Roses' tells a moving tale of love and loss at the turn of the nineteenth century – Silver Wood Books (18 Dec. 2013) ASIN: B00HEM84G4 Sold by Amazon Media available in paperback and kindle format.

The Liberty Bodice – published by Create Space Independent Publishing

Joy’s second book is set in the second world war and depicts an epic journey across occupied France by Gloria a girl with special talents recruited by the Special Operations Executive (Churchill’s secret army) – Create Space Independent Publishing (24 July 2015) ISBN – 10: 1514746980 ISBN – 13: 978-1514746980 Sold by Amazon Media available in paperback and kindle format.

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  1. Hello everyone. Must tell you about my first book signing. It happened Easter Sunday and was at a brunch celebration to raise money for abandoned dogs and puppies.
    It was a cold day and there we were outside shivering and borrowing coats and hats from our hosts.I took along my novella 'Times pendulum swings again'by Joy M. Lilley signed the books and the money raised a grand total of £65 went to the good cause.
    The sun began to shine and a good few hours was had by all.
    With best wishes to you.


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