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The Liberty Bodice

Gosh,I think it won't be long before it is published. I'm talking of my second novel 'The Liberty Bodice' I had to find an artist for the book cover, back page and bio with photo. That is now finished and has been sent to my publisher at Wolf Paw, U.S.A. It has taken so much longer that I ever thought it would. I'm very excited about this book, my second novel, as I believe it will have considerable appeal to those readers who enjoy WW2 stories. And when they involve such heroines as Gloria, whose amazing tenacity, bravery and courage is an example to us all,it makes the book even more enjoyable. The story tells about a young woman who joins the S.O.E.[Special Operations Executive]a group of agents who became known as Churchill's secret army. Only 39 women were accepted for the rigorous training. Thereafter facing tremendous hardship as they fought alongside the French résistance agents in occupied France. Many factual events are documented, the S.O.E. being one of them. Those of us who lived during those war years or soon after, can identify with the story. I well recall my parents telling me many tales of 'What happened during the war.'

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  1. Good afternoon everyone, just to let you know I have a new blog site
    Love you to visit. New novel a murder mystery 'Strawberry moon' soon to be published and it has a sequel. Have a good forthcoming week.Joy


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