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We are home again.

Good afternoon to you. After an amazing short break in the lowlands of bonny Scotland, where the Arctic bloom was in full force, home we came. To be honest with you, the Arctic bloom followed us to the sunny South. At the risk of being called a SOFT SACENACH,I really don't understand our weather. Only 3 weeks back we were in summer clothes and taking day trips to zoos with the grand children. Enough of that, it's only 10 days before I finally leave my workplace for good. I will have worked for the same Trust for the last 49 years and 5 months. That took a bit of doing. Will have more time to write/blog then. May the FORTH be with you.

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  1. Hello to you all,just to let you know that 'Strawberry moon' the murder mystery will be released a little later than anticipated.This is because those wise senior folk at Rave Review Book Club,feel I need help with my editing and proof reading.They are right and before this book with its sequel are let loose on the general public I want it to be as good as it can become.I am grateful to be a member of the group is a great source of common sense and advice.Long may I be a part of this family.


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